Our Neighborhoods First

Our kids shouldn’t have to grow up in neighborhoods with dangerous abandoned or rundown houses. We must do better.

Our kids deserve better. You deserve better. We deserve better. Let’s put our neighborhoods first.

Proposal N will help make our neighborhoods safer. A Wayne State University study found that violent crime and property crime dropped in areas where blighted homes are rehabbed or demolished in Detroit, creating safer neighborhoods.

Proposal N will bring good-paying jobs to Detroiters.

Proposal N will help save 8,000 homes while safely demolishing another 8,000. This will make our neighborhoods cleaner, safer and helps increase property values.

Take the Pledge

We can put our neighborhoods first. We have the power to do that with Proposal N. Our kids deserve it. We deserve it. We are in this together. And that’s the way it should be. Will you take the pledge to commit to putting Our Neighborhoods First? Right now we have that chance. It’s our city. It’s our neighborhoods.

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